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Our Story

After 6 weeks of a worsening respiratory infection, several of my symptoms became chronic. I got a call after about a year of my daily insomnia, fatigue, numb feet, shortness of breath, and periodic A-fib. My longtime friend told me about a 2005 vitamin C and nitric oxide study (the article ) that seemed to stop SAR-1. Since I was desperate, I analyzed several of these studies and decided something could help.

As a scientist, I designed an optimized set of safe ingredients. When my materials arrived, I made my first 100 capsules. Later that day, I took the first Today’s Immunity capsule. After 20 mins, my test strips were bright pink (meaning my blood was FULL of oxygen). Twenty-four hours later, a new test strip was still bright pink. At that point, I realized I may have built the most potent immunity product globally.

That was over a year ago. My daily capsule has eliminated my chronic symptoms, and my stronger immune system has improved my overall health.

So, I decided to start running again after decades. I now have crazy endurance. While my muscles, bones, and head needed strengthening, I never ran out of oxygen. Almost every day, I now run 4-6 miles.

Today, my blood pressure is 107/63 with arresting heart rate of 54 (my heart has diminished capacity). As a plus, my blood oxygen is constantly over 97%.

A good friend reached out to me about his chemo hangover. His fatigue, insomnia, and erratic brain functions sounded like my earlier illness. I told him about Today’s Immunity and what it had done for me. Many of his symptoms subsided after he started taking it, and he swears by it today

Our incredible word-of-mouth following is now worldwide and has been growing every month.

Recognizing that every person could benefit from a boosted immune system and 24-hour support, we started selling Today’s Immunity. And that is how we started the company.
-Scott Jenkins, Ph.D. CEO & Co-founder

Safe products for immunity

our commitment

we build products for the people in our lives—the people we love and care about who we never want to see sick. so all of our products are manufactured under the highest quality cGMP conditions.

science for life

we believe that a stronger immune system will help your body combat respiratory infections, asthma, COPD, inflammation, headaches & migraines, endurance, fertility issues, stress, and sleep issues. our immunity sciences team is focused on developing new products for the world.

All for customers

our goal is to deliver a great experience with our great products. we are a customer-first company. we want to hear from you. we want you to share your experiences. and please tell the people you love about us.

better immunity = better health